SHAMBHU P. ARYAL (Current President)









                                                                                                                               Shambhu P. Aryal

(Current President)


It is with great honour and a profound sense of responsibility to address our well cultured and esteemed community. The Non-Resident Nepali association stands as a testament to our shared heritage, transcending borders to build a global family. In this pivotal position, my commitment is to lead with vision, empathy, and a dedication to develop as a society.

Our strength lies in our unity amid diversity. I aspire to build bridges that connect our members across borders forming a sense of solidarity that goes beyond. In my role as president, i am dedicated to steering our society towards new horizons, embracing the challenged and opportunities that lie ahead.

Our mission continues to prioritise the wellbeing of the community. Through strategic partnerships and targeted initiatives we will build a connection with our homeland. Our history is one of resilience and adaptability. As we navigate through challenges of the present and future, we can continue to unite, evolve, grow, contributing to the legacy of the NRNA society.

With gratitude and determination,

Shambhu P. Aryal
President of NRNA ESCC